With decades in the entertainment industry under her belt, Melyssa Ford has more than enough stories about what she’s experienced behind the scenes. The video vixen turned host has often shared her tales of what she’s witnessed in the industry and often, those stories involve some of our favorite artists. Ford’s name has been tied to The Game after he dropped a line about her in his 2006 hit “Wouldn’t Get Far”—something she would later say she was humiliated by. Yet, The Game wasn’t the only rapper to be associated with the model.

Ford has also spoken about her alleged romance with Drake, a relationship that she claims existed while Drizzy was also seeing model Tocarra Jones years ago. Recently, Ford visited Drink Champs alongside Rap icon Monie Love and was asked about Drake, and more specifically if he performed a specific sex act.

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In true Noreaga fashion, he asked about Ford’s intimate life with the OVO Sound mogul. After acting coy about the situation, Ford seemingly made a face but denied that her expression was an answer to any questions about what Drake allegedly did to her in the bedroom. However, the others interpreted it as a confirmation.

“Here’s the thing, you’ll never have full confirmation as to what actually transpired,” she said. After doing a bit of back and forth, Melyssa decided to speak more about what may or may not have transpired with Drake. She explained that they’re both Scorpios, both biracial, and Ford said she “really, truly f*cking adored him.”

Watch a clip of her interview to see what else Melyssa Ford has to say about Drizzy below.