Earlier today, Michael Jackson’s former manager and spokesperson came from out of nowhere to tell the world she had an announcement to make regarding the legendary artist. Considering the aftermath that came from Leaving Neverland, Raymone K. Bain could have been referring to anything. Perhaps there were more allegations coming against the King of Pop. Maybe a posthumous album was being released. Nobody had a clue so fans of the icon followed the situation closely, waiting for any information on the “mystery” announcement on social media. An advisory was sent out to the press, which reads: “2019 marks the 10th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death; and, what would be his 61st Birthday on August 29, 2019. It is time to speak up, and speak out, on behalf of Michael Jackson, in conjunction with a mandate made by him on October 6, 2006.” The special announcement was underwhelming to some but it’s long overdue for others.

As reported by CNN, a foundation has been announced in Jackson’s name. Many believed that information about MJ’s will would be revealed but Bain noted that she does not have access to those documents. During her announcement, she broke the news, saying, “I am honored to announce the establishment of the MJ legacy foundation.”

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The goal of the foundation is to “preserve, protect and defend his name while supporting the numerous organizations he supported during his life.” Many that were in attendance for the press conference today in Washington, D.C. have said that the process was very bizarre. Still, people are glad to see Jackson’s legacy being preserved this way.

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