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Moesha Boduong and Efia Odo unite at UTV Day with the stars



Ghanaian actresses, Moesha Boduong and Efia Odo have finally united after their social media brawl few months ago.

The reunion took place when the two joined other celebrities at UTV’s ‘Day with the stars’.

Even though the cause of their brawl isn’t known, the two were said to have shaded each other on their instagram pages. The two actresses later deleted their post and have since stayed away from each other.

At this year’s UTV day the two were paired to compete against Xandy Kamel and Flow King of Bradez fame during a charade game.


The host of the charade Kalybos continuously persuaded both parties to act together even though they refused to shake hands when he instructed them to.

In an attempt to reunite the two Kalybos asked how long they have been friends with each other, Efia Odo said she only met Moesha last year and they were cool till some months ago.

At the end of the charade they hugged each other, after the participants persuaded them to.

Even though they did not give details of their brawl, the two actresses clearly stated that they weren’t fighting over a man.


Radio presenter Abeiku Santana speaking after the two hugged entreated bloggers to promote the positive stories about celebrities and the entertainment industry instead of always reporting on the negative.