Nana NYC Is Nominated For Ghana Music Awards USA “Artiste Of The Year” 2020
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Nana NYC is nominated for Ghana Music Awards USA “Artiste of the Year” 2020

Nana NYC is nominated for Ghana Music Awards USA “Artiste of the Year” 2020 1

If you know about the African entertainment industry in the USA then I am absolutely positive that you have heard the name NANA NYC.

To some, that name is familiar because of the promotional work this self motivated gentleman has done for many of the biggest names from Nigeria to Ghana, and Africa as a whole.
You can find many videos of NANA NYC standing next to the likes of Shatta Wale, 2Face, R2Bees, Ruff’n’Smooth, VIP now VVIP, SAMINI and many more on YouTube endorsing them and asking his followers in New York City to purchase tickets and support whatever event the artist may have in the pipeline. You can find videos going as far back as 2005. You read it right, 15 plus years ago and that is only the need that were documented so just imagine how much more NANA NYC has done that wasn’t recorded.
NANA NYC claims that he first began as a Rapper but because there wasn’t a big African market or consumers, he had to mix his style with urban Hip Hop in order to get a little bit of attention from both Africans and Americans.  He breaks it down in his own words and says this in quote “I really had a hard time coming up. Of course as a 13 year old trying to rap to my peers, i was joked on and teased a lot.  My style wasn’t all together and my English wasn’t as swift as the typical American child so i had to really work on making sure my delivery was right so the lines in the music can be heard and studied. Once my friends started to rap along with me, i knew i was on the right path.  I had one particular kid named BOBBY, an American friend who would rap my TWI verses fluently but couldn’t tell you what any of it meant.
 NANA NYC was featured on BET JAZZ in 2008 when his song OH NANA was premiered on a show called SOUL OF AFRICA, making him the first ever independent Ghanaian and African artist in general to be on that kind of platform. When the video came on BET, my son Nadell was literally 1 month old. He was born October 1st 2008 and the video premiered on November 1st, 2008. I was actually at a photoshoot with my son taking pictures together when calls came in that i was on TV. If you don’t believe it just do your research.
After the video popped up somewhere on Facebook of its premiere on BET JAZZ, the name NANA NYC was solidified and everyone started to see that he was on to something the average African entertainer had overlooked- getting their work to be featured on a national American TV network. This was a sign of more to come.
Fast forward to 2018 and NANA NYC finally released his debut album titled AFROKING OF HIP HOP after years of releasing underground mixtapes.  NANA NYC’s Hip Hop debut album was given 7 stars by Apple Music when it was released, making him the artist with the most STARS in the world. More starts on Apple Music than the likes of American mega stars DRAKE,TRAVIS SCOTT, BEYONCE and etc. (You can still check now if you have iPhone or Apple Music because even after 2 years, NANA NYC still has the most Stars currently). The album got him many nominations but the most recognizable one is when he won the BEST GH US ALBUM at the 2019 Ghana Entertainment Awards USA, an international Ghanaian awards ceremony held every year in the heart of the USA and organized by 4SYTE TV and Boogie Down Nima Productions. Asked how he felt to be the winner of the award, he says he was very  happy because winning an international award for music was always a dream. Getting that award reassured all my Producers, and the whole team that the dream is still alive and with hard work we will get there.
Its 2020 and NANA NYC hasn’t slowed down a bit. NANA NYC is currently nominated for US ARTISTE OF THE YEAR at the Ghana Music Awards USA. NANA NYC is in the same category as Kwesoul, and Ghanaian social media entertainer Archipalago. When asked about the competition and how he felt about being in the same category as the like of Archipalago, NANA NYC said he is excited for himself as well as the other artists. He says that when you mention Ghanaian musicians in the USA, everyone know the name NANA NYC because I have been out here paving the way. Not to take anything away from Archipalago but even he can tell you that the brand NANA NYC has been widely known for years, way way before he Archipalago migrated to the USA. Again NANA NYC says he isn’t taking away nothing from the rest of the nominees but if they are all honest, my comments won’t be taken as an offense.
The voting was held on Facebook and on the Ghana Music Awards USA website.
 In case you want to know the results of the voting competition, just visit this link  and see how it turned out ( )
The Ghana Music Awards USA festivities starts on Friday October 9th in Atlantic City New Jersey but the award scheme is on Saturday October 10th. Asked how he feels about the event, NANA NYC says he is just grateful that 20 years after releasing his mixtape OSKA MYA Volume 1 in the streets of NY, he is still one of the leading Ghanaian entertainers in the USA. I am really blessed because my children were just babies when i was struggling to build my brand and now my first born is 12 years and also one of the people in my entourage as i go to the event.  Its such a blessing. He was literally just 1 month when i set out to climb this journey and now he is old enough to stand on the red carpet with me.
To listen to NANA NYC’s debut album AFROKING OF HIP HOP, please click this link
To check out the latest song featuring NANA NYC, check out MUGU, a KUMERICAN HIP HOP joint with DJ ASUMADU.

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