Regardless if you’re a fan of his work or not, it’s hard to deny the star power of 22-year-old NBA YoungBoy. At such a young age, the Colors rapper has lived a life that most can only dream about, and today, on March 27th, it seems that he’s reportedly broken a historic hip-hop record previously held by none other than the late, great Biggie Smalls.

According to a tweet from @DailyLoud from earlier this weekend, the Baton Rouge-born recording artist has dethroned the Notorious B.I.G. as the new rapper with the 20th most weeks spent on the Billboard 200 Chart in history.

The rumours have sparked plenty of debate online amongst fans. “And Biggie still gonna get more respect at the end of the day,” one person replied to the initial post, prompting someone else to shoot back with, “At this rate when it’s all said and done YB will be bigger than Tupac and Biggie if he stay out of trouble and alive in the next couple of years.”

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“B.I.G. did it without streams and YouTube views,” another user said. “Doesn’t that make YB look even better?” a reader responded. “Saying that he’s the first to do it in this era of streaming out of any other artist/rapper at the young age of 22.”

On March 9th, a tweet from @HipHopAllDay alleged that, at the time, YB had just beaten out Young Thug and Cardi B, making him “the rapper with the 21st most weeks in history at just 22 years old.”

Now that he’s knocked Thugger, Bardi, and Biggie Smalls out of the day, time will tell who’s record the “Make No Sense” hitmaker will overtake next – check out the very mixed reactions to the big news below.