Netflix to release popular manga series 'One Piece': Find out release date and more
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Netflix to release popular manga series ‘One Piece’: Find out release date and more



Netflix is releasing the live-action of one of the most popular manga series One Piece.

Tomorrow studios, behind Netflix’s now-canceled Cowboy Bebop adaptation, are producing the most well-recognised manga series.

One Piece is one of the highest-grossing fictional franchises of all time, generating over $21 billion in revenue across its multiple mangas, films, video games, and various other pieces of merchandise, cited from What’s on Netflix.

Although it’s not confirmed, Netflix is looking to release the series most probably on Thursday, August 31st, 2023.

Set on an alternate version of Earth, the manga follows a young boy, Monkey D. Luffy, who sets on an adventure to become the pirate king.


Steven Maeda, known for titles like The X Files, Lost, Lie to Me, Helix and Day Break, will serve as the showrunner.