Netflix ‘You’ Season 4 Teaser Hints At Possible Return Of Victoria Pedretti’s Love Quinn
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Netflix ‘You’ Season 4 teaser hints at possible return of Victoria Pedretti’s Love Quinn

Netflix ‘You’ Season 4 teaser hints at possible return of Victoria Pedretti’s Love Quinn 1

Netflix’s upcoming much-anticipated fourth season of You teased at the possibility of Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) returning.

The previous season saw Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgely) move to the peaceful town of Madre Linda. However, the couple’s tumultuous relationship ended up causing havoc in the town.

Love’s jealousy unleashed a murderer inside her that killed impulsively much Joe’s distress. In the meantime, Joe finds another flame to chase, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle).

Love ultimately meets her end at the hands of Joe in the third season finale. Joe injects her with a lethal dosage of aconite and then sets the house on fire with her in it. After murdering his wife, Joe heads to Paris as he chases Marienne.

Although Love is being shown dead in the show, the new teaser hinted at a possibility of her return.

In the upcoming season, Joe takes on the alias of an English Literature professor. Set in the heart of London, the story will follow Joe as Professor Jonathan Moore as he teaches a class full of potential flames.

However, since Joe is now being stalked by someone who knows all his secrets (read: past murders), the clues hint at Love, since she knew the potential of Joe and the killings that he has done.

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The teaser opens with a montage of all of Joe’s past relationships. He begins to ponder over what love means to him and how it has changed him.

“Love, it’s a reason… for being, a reason to do better, do the right thing,” he continues. “Be brave.”

The clip then cuts to his moments with Love. “But Love burned me out completely,” he tells. “Yes, that’s Love with a capital ‘L’.

“Wife, mother of my child. I did my best but she was… I hate to call a woman ‘crazy,’ but well, I id everything to be a good man, a good husband, a good father. I always do everything I can.”

He does admit that his “track record isn’t the most impressive” but his “heart is in the right place.”

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While this theory may be far-fetched since the upcoming cast does not have Pedretti in the list. But all will be revealed once the show premieres.

The first part of You premieres on February 9, 2023, and the second on March 9, 2023.


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