Netflix 'You' Victoria Pedretti realises how 'crazy' her character was after watching season 3
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Netflix ‘You’ Victoria Pedretti realises how ‘crazy’ her character was after watching season 3



Netflix You star Victoria Pedretti who played Love in the popular crime drama revealed, she didn’t realize how “crazy” her character was until she watched season 3.

During Pedretti’s appearance on Badgley’s podcast Podcrushed, the costars talked about different ways they approach playing their morally complex characters.

Badgley while paying homage to the actress said “Hats off to you as an artist. I think, when you’re on set and when you’re playing her, you identify with her so much, and again, I think that’s beautiful.”

Speaking of his experience portraying Joe in the series, the 36-year-old said, “I think the way I view Joe in some ways limits the way I’m able to portray him, whereas you really embrace her.”

Pedretti revealed that she embraced Love to the point where she didn’t fathom how “crazy” her character was until she watched the first episode of the third season.


“I was like: ‘This is crazy, She’s so expletive crazy,’” the actor recalled.

Pedretti went on to explain that she didn’t notice Love’s extreme personality before, because she was too focused in portraying her character accurately.

“Because at that point, I have a distance from it, and now I’m watching it and I’m like, ‘No, I was really in it,’” The Haunting of Bly Manor star said.

She further continued, “I was really like, these are the circumstances, this is her justification and that’s it. I need to say these lines, they need to be felt completely. There’s no room to be judgmental or analytical of it. That’s not my place.”

Pedretti added, “I mean, now I have my judgments. I would say she’s crazy. She’s a serial killer, but I also know exactly how she got to be how she is.”


The Haunting of Hill House actor also said that she thinks Love turned out the way she did because she sees herself as a victim.

For the unaware, Love played by Pedretti was also a psychopath in the series and she was willing to kill people more than Joe does.