New York Gang Allegedly Plotted Drill Rapper Envy Caine's Murder For Six Years
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New York Gang Allegedly Plotted Drill Rapper Envy Caine’s Murder for Six Years

New York Gang Allegedly Plotted Drill Rapper Envy Caine's Murder for Six Years 1

From Cardi B’s pleas for New York Drill rappers to leave the Bronx to Mayor Eric Adams’s all-out war on the violent sub-genre of gangsta rap, New York’s Drill scene is widely considered one of the most dangerous in the nation. Thus, when news broke that some of the members of the Brooklyn gang Bamalife spent six years plotting the murder of a Drill rapper named Envy Caine, it merely added yet another vicious chapter to the violent story of New York Drill. Nevertheless, the feds are involved now and an indictment has been filed to bring the men responsible for a botched murder attempt to justice.

“As alleged in the superseding indictment, the defendants wreaked havoc in East New York and nearby neighborhoods, with innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire as members of Bamalife carried out senseless violence directed against rival gangs,” said the United States Attorney Breon Peace. “This Office, together with our law enforcement partners, are working tirelessly to protect our communities by dismantling criminal enterprises that are engines of a broad range of crimes, taking the violent gang members off the street, and stopping the cycle of gun-related violence.”

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It is widely believed amongst prosecutors and hip hop fans alike that the murder attempt on Envy Caine’s life likely stems from the bloody rivalry between his crew, Weezgang, and Bamalife. Law enforcement used music videos and social media posts to identify Caine as Bamalife’s target. The rivalry between Weezgang and Bamalife reportedly stems from a botched attempt on Caine’s life, which resulted in Caine’s girlfriend getting injured in a shooting.

Prior to the 2016 shooting, alleged Bamalife member Andrew “Drewski” Simpson posted a Facebook video threatening to kill Caine’s girlfriend. On the same day that Caine’s girlfriend was shot, Bamalife member Ronnie Warren was shot in the foot and accused Caine of causing the injury. According to prosecutors, three of the men charged in the indictment tried tracking down and opening fire on Caine but missed.

As of now Darius “Blizz Meecho” Sutton, Andrew “Drewski” Simpson, Trava “Stoney” Selby, and Corey “Moncler Mellz” Williams have all been charged in the aforementioned indictment. Envy Caine is also awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to possessing a 12-gauge shotgun as a felon.

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Source: Complex

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