Nipsey Hussle will be remembered forever as somebody who truly cared for those around him, putting on for his neighborhood and bettering the lives of so many. Although he’s no longer with us, his legacy carries on through his family and those who share his positivity and light with the world. Thankfully, we still have his music, which will always be there to fall back on. When he passed away, the Neighborhood Nip Foundation was launched to raise awareness to the causes that were near and dear to the rapper’s heart. According to a press release from Karen Civil, one of Nipsey Hussle’s close friends and business partners, Atlantic Records has just donated a substantial amount of cash to the foundation.On the eve the release of Nip’s Puma collaboration, Atlantic Records reportedly came through with a major donation to the Neighborhood Nip Foundation, giving up an undisclosed six-figure sum. The exact number has not been revealed but wherever the needle lands in that range is pretty special. Hussle’s All Money In label was partnered with Atlantic during his lifetime so to see the massive business still supporting Nipsey after his murder is heartwarming.

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Shoutout to Atlantic Records for the donation. Keep Nipsey Hussle’s family and friends in your prayers.

Nipsey Hussle Foundation Receives Giant Donation From Atlantic Records 2