Love is clearly in the air this cuffing season, with endless engagements and baby announcements popping up across the internet over the past few days. The most recent star to celebrate their forthcoming bundle of joy is 19-year-old NLE Choppa, who is expecting his second child, this one with his girlfriend, Marissa.

On December 26th, the “Jumpin” rapper shared an Instagram video of him and his girl, eagerly waiting to find out if she’s carrying a little girl or boy. The couple can see seen wearing matching white sweatsuits, each with a pink or blue dart in their hand to throw at a pair of black balloons that are being held on the other end of a parking lot by a friend.

“Best Christmas Gift Ever,” he captioned the sweet moment, also adding that he “made a gender reveal song” for the special occasion. “So, let’s just wait until the song plays, then after the song we just gon’ throw that hoe,” Choppa says to Marissa as they gear up for the big reveal.

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“If it’s a girl, be ready for the tea parties / Be ready for the pink Barbies,” the track begins, also later addressing what the rapper should expect if he ends up with a little boy. “If it’s a boy, make sure y’all have a talk about sex / If it’s a boy, make sure he treats a woman with respect.”

In the chorus, the Memphis native asks, “what it’s gon’ be? Blue or pink?” while he and his girl get ready to throw their darts. Choppa’s balloon comes out empty, but when Marissa hits hers, blue smoke and glitter erupt, giving them the exciting news that they’ll be welcoming a baby boy together in just a few months.

In the caption, NLE Choppa also shared the name they’ve picked out – Seven Da’Shun Potts. Check out the gender reveal for yourself below.