Celebrities really are just like us. Earlier this weekend, Cardi B and her husband Offset gave fans a look into what it’s like to go shopping as a parent of two when you’re a multi-hyphenate entertainer, revealing that even they sometimes have trouble agreeing on how to dress their young children.

In a video uploaded to her Instagram story, the New York native can be seen filming through her front camera as she walks through the store with her mask on. “Babe, look,” she says while holding up a small grey fedora, the smile on her face evident from the gleam in her eyes.

“Oh hell nah,” Offset responds without hesitation from off camera. “I’m not putting that shit on my son, man. Got my boy looking like Ne-Yo,” he continued as Cardi let out a fit of laughter. “I can’t stand him,” she wrote overtop of the Instagram story post. “It’s cute,” she insisted before the clip cuts off.

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Shortly after, the “WAP” rapper returned with another “cute” look to show off, consisting of little red trousers, a matching bow tie, a blue button-up shirt, and suspenders with what look like Christmas trees on them. “Hell the f*ck no, man” Offset says, appearing behind his wife. “This is cute,” she tells him.

“Man, bro, stop playing for real,” the rapper responds. “Baby, he could dress at least like, you know,” Cardi goes on, trying to win her case before her man shuts her down one last time, comparing the fit to something that Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would wear.

Just a few days ago, the 29-year-old shared a heartfelt tribute to her baby daddy on the gram. “We have overcome so much together. I love the man you’re becoming and I love the father that you are. Thank you for always being there for me, for being a great confidant and advisor and for never allowing me to sell myself short.”

Check out the post for yourself below.