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Ogidi Brown shares details on how he lost his legs

Ghanaian Highlife artiste, Ogidi Brown has detailed incidents leading to him becoming crippled in both legs.

According to the musician, he was not born cripple but a bad car accident in Italy led to a severe injury to his spinal cord, crippling him completely.

Narrating incidents leading to the accident, Ogidi Brown who had migrated to Italy to seek greener pastures prior to the accident shared;

“My father came for me to Italy after I completed Senior High School. When I left Ghana, my legs were both functional until one faithful day”.

On the said day, a friend and I were on our way to pick up a visiting elder from the airport for a programme in the church. On our way, we were almost involved in a head-on collision” he said.

“The other driver, a woman driving and using her phone at the same time veered into our lane. When my friend saw that we might collide with her, he quickly swerved to the side of the road; unfortunately, our car flipped over severally. Though we survived the accident, I injured my spine and have ever since been unable to walk”.

In an interview on Happy 98.9FM’s Ayekoo After Drive show, he said, “honestly it wasn’t an easy period for me. It is one of those situations that will make you question God and ask why he didn’t just take your life instead. After the accident, I was admitted to the hospital for 11 months and was initially in a coma. When I woke up, I realised I was bedridden but, I had to make that bold decision of moving on despite the fact that it was a hard thing to do”.

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Asked what motivated him in such a difficult time, he stated, “at that moment a lot of things inspired me. Other cases I saw at the hospital made me realize that irrespective of your situation, always know that someone is going through worse than you and that alone should make you grateful”.

Sharing some of his highlights at the hospital, she disclosed that his doctors never excepted that he could even sit after the surgeries.

“The doctors were very happy and cheered me on when I finally sat in the wheelchair for the first time. They were surprised because they were of the notion I would be bedridden for the rest of my life”.

He advised listeners to be grateful always, irrespective of the situation knowing full well that, “your situation is definitely better than someone’s”.

Source : Ghanaweb

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