For many of us, this would be an irresponsible, reckless way of spending money but for Chicago rapper Polo G, this was just another Saturday. Spending time in Los Angeles over the holidays, the “Martin & Gina” artist felt like catching a Christmas Day game at the newly-renamed Arena. He didn’t want to watch from the nosebleeds either, opting for courtside seats to get the best view of the action, and, as you can likely imagine, he spent a pretty penny to watch LeBron & Co. take on the Brooklyn Nets.

The final price for Polo G’s ticket was over $75,000 to Saturday night’s game, which sounds absolutely ridiculous to spend on any event, considering you can get a luxury car for that price. Polo already has a filled garage, and he’s spoiled his family a lot over the years, so he can comfortably drop $75,000 on a basketball game that lasts only three hours. Unfortunately though, Polo did not get to watch Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, or Kevin Durant in action. All three players were out and the Lakers ended up losing after making two late-game comeback efforts, extending their losing streak.

The rapper does say the price of admission was “worth it” though so at least he was entertained.

Would you ever pay this much to watch an NBA game?