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Popular Ghanaian Pastor Caught Pants Down With Slay Queen…

Pastors in the country are taking all the shows in town for the wrong reasons altogether.

When it comes to sexual promiscuity, trust vanishes into thin air when most men are kept under the radar. It has always been rumoured that there are alleged amorous relationships between some church leaders and some female members but very difficult to prove either so or otherwise.


From a reliable source made known to this website, a popular pastor known as Rev. Osarfo Bempah of Christ for All church in a certain village within the remote outskirts of the Western Region has been caught penetrating a slay queen who happens to be his church member in his office.

The narrator of this shocking news couldn’t hide his utmost disappointment as he described what met his eyes that fateful day. He had this to say:

I was on my way to the pastor’s office for my usual counselling when I heard weird sounds emanating from the office so I decided to peep through the window instead. As I peeped through the louvers, what caught my eyes made me spend about 10 minutes glued to my position.

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This renowned pastor was sensationally performing oral sex and foundling the breast of this slay queen while she moaned in ecstasy. The pastor after some few minutes asked whether she liked his technique and she nodded in the affirmative. The pastor then pulled down his trousers and inserted his manhood via the slay queen’s juicy thighs and started thrusting speedily into her. Both of them moaned loudly as porn stars as I stared at them amazed.

At this level, I ran out of the Church’s premises. As I was leaving, one biblical quotation kept ringing in my head; “by their fruits we shall know them”. Hmm, what a weird world !



Source : ghanaweb.com

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