Post Malone Nearly Arrested While Filming “Impractical Jokers” Episode
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Post Malone Nearly Arrested While Filming “Impractical Jokers” Episode



Police nearly booked Post Malone while filming a new episode of Impractical Jokers. According to the New York Post, the singer was filming a prank with Brian “Q” Quinn in New York City. Post Malone and Quinn pretended to be parking attendants at Little Man Parking on E. 22nd Street when they came across one individual who wasn’t necessarily impressed by the prank.

Little Man Parking knew that Impractical Jokers and Post Malone were filming. However, Malone was nearly in hot water after pretending to smoke weed in a customer’s vehicle. “Boss, thanks for letting me smoke that up in there, man,” he told Quinn in front of the customer. At the same time, Malone began coughing as smoke crept out of the car.

James “Murr” Murray confirmed that police nearly arrived on the scene after an angry customer almost dialed 911. Fortunately, they turned out to be familiar with the show. “Thankfully they were fans of the show,” said James “Murr” Murray. “We almost got Q and Post Malone arrested.”

Another customer of Little Man Parking turned out to be a fan of the show but he actually called the police on Post Malone and Quinn. However, they told the person that he was on a hidden-camera prank show and he wasn’t as mad anymore. “The guy who called the cops actually had a very generous attitude about it once we told him what was going on,” Quinn explained.

Season 10 of Impractical Jokers will undoubtedly be a major return for the cast. Over the past few years, they shot a large chunk of the show in New Jersey on controlled sets. However, this time, they’ll be back in the streets of New York City. “You’re gonna see us in New York City supermarkets again and delis and like all the places that we used to,” said Quinn. “We were able to shoot back in Tompkins Square Park.”


Besides the recent shoot, Post Malone is currently on the road for a set of dates in Australia. The artist performs in Dockland, AUS on Feb. 7th and 9th before heading over to Burswood for a single date on Feb. 12th. He currently has one sole U.S. date on May 26th for BottleRock Napa Valley. Hopefully, he’ll announce more U.S dates in the near future.