Pusha Tdid it again with the release of his latest album, It’s Almost Dry. Fans awaited his follow-up to Daytona, which he initially indicated could see the light of day back in 2018. That didn’t occur and a pandemic hit shortly after but the anticipation was well worth it. Over the course of 12 songs, produced by both Kanye and Pharrell, Pusha T raps his ass off with another reminder of why he’s one of the greatest when it comes to coke raps.The album also presented the opportunity for Push and Jay-Z to reconnect years after teaming up on “Drug Dealers Anonymous.” The two collided on “Neck & Wrist,” produced by Pharrell, which has been one of the most discussed and dissected rap records of the year so far.

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Push recently appeared on Swaggy Sie’s show on SiriusXM where he declared Jay-Z to be the GOAT. It’s not necessarily a hot take at this point but he expressed his appreciation for Jay’s pen. “Hov, to me…he’s the best rapper, like, just period,” he said before revealing the process behind “Neck & Wrist.”

Push recently declared Jay as the greatest coke rapper of all time, largely due to Reasonable Doubt. “Hov is first, because he made Reasonable Doubt, and that is the grail of all drug levels, without being all about drugs. It spoke more to the lifestyle,” Push said of his top 3 coke rappers. “Lyrically, I’m going to say that I’m next. And I’ll say Jeezy is third, because I don’t believe there was a stronger moment in time than Trap or Die.”

Check his interview below.