On Friday evening, Rihanna hosted her fifth annual Diamond Ball, which raises money for charity – this year, spotlighting her Clara Lionel Foundation. Many stars were in attendance, including Megan Thee Stallion, who finally got the chance to meet RiRi for the first time that night. While the photo of Megan and Rihanna chatting at the event attaining some virality, what really sent the Internet into a frenzy were the speculations that Rihanna may be pregnant.


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@badgalriri on Black women: “We are impeccable. We’re special and the world is just going to have to deal with that.” #DiamondBall Tap the ?in bio for more.

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While being interviewed by Essence before entering the venue, Rihanna made the following triggering statement: “I’m a Black woman. I came from a Black woman, who came from a Black woman, who came from a Black woman AND… I’m going to give birth to a Black woman.” Of course, that final line is what made people’s eyes widen. Given the context, it’s easy to see how it could have merely been hypothetical. But when it comes to The Navy, they’ll cling on to any little hint that may give them inside scoop on their Queen’s highly-secretive life. Some believed that Rihanna’s figure at the Diamond Ball also corroborated their claims of pregnancy.

This feverish hypothesizing was short-lived though. A brief clip from inside the party showed Rihanna determinedly reaching for someone’s glass of wine and sipping it. It is well-documented that Rihanna loves a good drink, but maybe Rihanna caught wind of the tweets about her and decided to dispel the rumour immediately.

So there you have it. No baby RiRi on the way, but The Navy can continue eagerly anticipating her next album.