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Rihanna’s Spotify Streams Spike By Nearly 2600% After Super Bowl



The NFL didn’t cut a check for Rihanna’s incredible performance at the Super Bowl. However, it seems like she’ll see a boost in revenue regardless. The Fenty creator undoubtedly reminded fans of how strong her brand is during the halftime show. Everyone’s talking about her baby bump, of course, but she also flaunted the Fenty line at one point and showcased her incredible catalog since emerging onto the scene. Unfortunately, she didn’t breeze through all of the hits, but she packed in a 13-minute set with fan favorites and chart-topping smashes.

Of course, fans had their own grievances with her set. Most were not only happy but surprised that “Bitch Better Have My Money” served as the opening song. In addition to classics like “Pour It Up” and “Only Girl in the World,” she ensured that she properly represented the Navy to the best of her abilities. Still, many felt a type of way that songs like “Pon De Replay” were noticeably missing from the set. Regardless, fans returned to their preferred DSPs after the halftime show to dive into her catalog.

Rihanna Sees A Massive Spike on Apple Music & Spotify


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Rihanna saw a career-best on Apple Music immediately after her performance. Apple reports that her catalog shot up in streams by 331% across the globe. Additionally, the hour after her performance marked her biggest streaming period in Apple Music. On top of that, Sunday also marked her biggest day on Shazam. Though many are familiar with her catalog, it’s quite clear that she gained a new legion of fans, as well. It’s an impressive feat for an artist who hasn’t touched a stage or released much music in the past few years.

Spotify revealed Rihanna saw a 2600% increase in streams shortly after she took the stage. The streaming service revealed that “Bitch Better Have My Money” streams spiked by 2600% between 11 pm and midnight ET. During that same window of time, “Diamonds” spiked by 1400%, “Rude Boy” by 1170%, and “We Found Love” by 1160%. These numbers compare to the number of streams she received in the week prior. Check out the statistics above and sound off with your favorite Rihanna song in the comments.