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Rising croc trend in Ghana

Crocs are fast gaining popularity in Ghana, especially among the youth. Its very ‘feet pampering’ and comfortable nature is among one of the top reasons why it is globally accepted. It comes in a wide range of colorful art, and it just makes one cool!

Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson, and George Boedecker, Jr are the three geniuses who brought the ultimate feet solution by first manufacturing crocs in 2002. They have now sold about 300 million pairs in more than 90 countries, including Ghana.

Why you need, a pair of crocs

It is Unisex

Crocs are for everyone! It is not gender bias, and that means, you can wear it and pass it on to your homie, whether a male or female.

You can wear them in the rainy season

Every person living in Ghana knows that when it gets to the rainy season, everyone becomes very picky of their footwear.

Most leather sandals and shoes tear easily when they come into contact with water, however, crocs are known for being bedmates with water. It means you can wear them all year round without any problems.

They match with every outfit

The truth is, crocs can take you from Monday through to Sunday.

Whether you are wearing official clothes for work, casually swaging up on Saturday or wearing virgin Mary skirts on Sunday, crocs have got your back. You can wear them with every outfit, and you will look good while at it.

Easy to wash

Washing crocs is not an extreme sport like other footwear. All you need is a running water, shoe brush (You would not scrub much), and washing powder.

Your crocs would be squeaky clean without putting in much effort.


You get to find your tribe

Although crocs are fast becoming a trend in Ghana, many more people are yet to catch on. Wearing it would definitely pop some eyeballs, and that person who compliments you is your new ‘Croc friend’, the person understands fashion and arts. You have a thing in common. That’s your tribe.

Some Ghanaian celebrities are absolutely fascinated by crocs and they include them in their outfits. They also encourage their fans and followers to embrace them. These are some top celebrities that have contributed to the popularity of crocs in Ghana:

Pappy Kojo
Musician Pappy Kojo is a brand ambassador for Crocs Ghana. He mentions crocs in his raps, has created a croc movement with his fan base, and of course he rocks crocs! Look at these pictures below:

Pappy Kojo (L)

Vanessa Gyan

Radio and television personality, Vanessa Gyan has also been a brand ambassador for Crocs Ghana since 2015. She does croc giveaways with her fans and followers on social media.

Oh, one more thing.

Ever wondered why the footwear is called crocs?

Well, it is named after the multi-environment, amphibious nature of crocodiles. Crocodiles can live both on land and in water, just as crocs can be worn both in dry and wet places.

And we absolutely agree!

And it might also interest you to know that crocs are soo in vogue, the United States of America has instituted October 23 as National Croc Day.



Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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