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Shaquille O’Neal Slams Jada Smith’s “Apology” to Chris Rock with 7 Word Advice for “His Man” Will Smith

Shaquille O’Neal Slams Jada Smith’s “Apology” to Chris Rock with 7 Word Advice for “His Man” Will Smith 1


The slapgate incident at the Oscars broke the internet last month. The aftermath of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is still very evident. Many entities and celebrities have talked about it, including Will, Chris, and Jada themselves. Shaquille O’Neal is someone who is never shy about speaking his mind out in public and once again has given a piece of advice to Will Smith.

The legendary actor slapped the comedian after he made a joke about his wife, Jada. He notoriously walked up on stage and slapped Chris minutes before accepting his Oscar for Best Actor award for ‘King Richard’. The incident forced the academy to take action against Will Smith.

Subsequently, the academy banned Smith for the next ten years from their shows. Before this, Jada and Will both issued statements regarding the incident, and Jada effectively apologized to Chris Rock.

When Jada spoke on behalf of her and her husband, Will Smith, it seemed that she did not have her husband’s back to many people. However, they both agreed that the reaction could have and should have been different.

Shaq had shown his disagreement in the earlier episode of his podcast and was at it again. But he also had one stern piece of advice for Will.

Shaquille O’Neal drops big advice for Will Smith

In the episode, The Big Accountability | Jamal Crawford, Spice Adams, Nischelle Turner, Jamal, and Shaq once again had a conversation about the slapgate incident at the Oscars. Shaq talked about how Jada had talked on behalf of Will, and he also said that they did not have to come out and say that what he did was wrong.

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Nischelle and Shaq went into a one-word debate of sorts about whether they had to admit it was wrong. “I’m never gonna say I was wrong for throwing that punch at Brad Miller. You ain’t never gonna hear me say it. It happened, we move on.” Shaq took his example. Shaq also gave Will Smith the 7-word advice, “Don’t let people make statements for you.”

Adams started the topic when he asked about the reported apologies issued by the Smith couple during the aftermath of the slap. Nischelle cleared out how people assumed Jada did not have her husband’s side just because Jada said that it was not right.

You might agree with Shaq on the whole matter or you might agree with Nischelle. Either way, slapping someone on a stage the world is watching did not look good for any of the entities involved. Who was in the right is debatable, but the situation could have been handled better.


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