T.I.’s name is being tossed around in the middle of some drama again – this time, with his wife Tiny and reality star Shekinah Anderson over the actor and rapper’s rumoured fling with Bernice Burgos. Just a few days ago, Tiny’s former best friend addressed the ongoing drama between her and the couple on social media.

“Ain’t nothin’ safe over there,” Banks said on Instagram live of T.I. and Tiny’s house. “You can find out anything you want to find out in their house like nobody’s really they friend, cuz everybody who works for them, they don’t pay these folks, right? And they always accusing folks of stealing from them…”

The TV personality then went on to insist that the “Whatever You Like” rapper and his wife will be paying her her lawyer fees, before bringing 41-year-old model Bernice Burgos’ name into the conversation. “That was the shit they did together, with that Bernice shit, you know,” she told followers tuning into her emotional rant a few days ago.

“If I don’t fight Bernice, my name gotta be brought up. What kind of bullying shit is that? Bernice ain’t never did nothing to me. She’s a beautiful girl, what am I fighting her for? I wasn’t there, I didn’t hook them up, but somebody thought my name had been bought because I’m a ghetto bitch that’s her friend. Get out of here, that was a set-up with both of them hoes.”

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The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star went on, “both of them hoes was friends that did this sh*t on purpose. It is what it is. That’s what I came to the conclusion of.” Seeing as Anderson’s live only provides one side of the story, it’s difficult to fully understand what’s going on, but from what we can understand, it sounds like T.I. and Burgos hooked up, and Tiny may have expected Anderson to go after the mother of two for sleeping with her husband, which she wasn’t down for, considering the comments she made during her live stream.

“F*ck I got to do with who this man sticks his dick in,” she continued from off-camera. “It ain’t my God damn business. He could f*ck the world for all I care, that ain’t got nothing to do with me! He is not my husband, so what the f*ck Imma fight somebody for? That ain’t my job!”

She then addressed Burgos, blowing the camera and saying, “Hey, Bernice! Girl, I got nothing against you. How you doing? I got nothing to do with it, it ain’t my business.”