Skip Bayless and Lil Wayne have formed a unique friendship, with the latter being an ever-devout sports fan, while the former is a sports talk show host. In fact, Wayne has even used chats with Skip in the past as an opportunity to tease new music, tying their two worlds together even closer.

While it’s unclear at this time if their recent visit together is for an Undisputed segment, it is clear that Skip considers Wayne a close friend after sharing three different photos with the rapper.

Taking to his Instagram, Skip revealed that he and his wife paid a visit to “our friend Lil Wayne.”

He continued in the caption, “Great time, lotta laughs, talking sports, music and life. Ernestine took this and didn’t quite get the LeBrons I was wearing just for Laker fanatic Wayne. (OK, I was being a little sarcastic since his squad is five under .500).”

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In two separate photos to follow up the first, he elaborated further on their link-up and praised his wife for her ability to talk sports with the best of them, as well as Wayne’s man, Scooby.

He started, “Here’s another shot of our visit to Lil Wayne’s, this one including his man Scoob, who knows his sports at least as well as he knows his music. If only this convo could’ve been taped. On second thought…” He trailed off, before sharing one final photos, this of his wife Ernestine and Wayne looking as friendly as ever, laughing, with the caption, “Here’s Ernestine sharing a laugh with Wayne and Scoob. Coolest thing about her is she has no problem being “one of the guys” … at least for couple of hours. She can talk sports with the best of ‘em – though she’d rather talk music or movies.”

Check out all three photos below.