At this point, even lifelong Atlanta residents are having trouble keeping track of who is and who isn’t from the city. Following the release of Omerettà The Great’s new single, “Sorry Not Sorry,” in which she name-drops specific Atlanta-based zones and claims that they’re not actually part of the city, the track was remixed by Latto, who argued that Clayton County is definitely Atlanta, referring to several artists that supposedly “aren’t Atlanta” like 21 Savage, Ciara, and others, and saying that they absolutely belong there.

Over the weekend, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Atlanta,” Akbar V, dropped her own version of the track, where she called out Soulja Boy for claiming to be from the city despite allegedly not growing up there.

“Soulja Boy never grew up in the A but the dance was so hard we let him come stay,” raps Akbar in the new remix.

“Um, Akbar could you sit your nipple-head ass down somewhere, b*tch?” yelled Soulja on Instagram, responding to the song. “F*ck you talking out Soulja Boy ain’t grow up in the A? B*tch, you don’t know me, you don’t know sh*t about me you fat ass, big head, wobble-head b*tch!”

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Akbar posted the video to her Instagram account and added, “@souljaboy now Big Draco what I do to deserve this? I love #bigdraco it hurt me when I found out u wasn’t from Atlanta cause u rep us so well… We let you stay cause u had everybody cranking that Soulja. We know u not from the A we adopted u. [Love] forever… you from Chicago bro.”

Soulja responded to her message in a calmer tone, saying, “Listen bro, I’m done with this whole conversation. Shout out to Akbar, that’s the end of it. I’m from Chicago, Atlanta, Bompton…”

Akbar went on to promise Soulja a forged birth certificate saying he’s from the A, replying, “Y’all know I love @souljaboy #bigdraco I was bout to come back on his a$$$$. Bro I’m Queen you can be from Atlanta I’m bout to get you a birth certificate made right now so on this very day u will be from Atlanta. Y’all make sure y’all get his album when it drops.”

She also confirmed that Soulja Boy is the first rapper to call her a “nipple-head,” which adds to the artist’s long history of being a trendsetter.

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