It doesn’t look as if Soulja Boy has forgiven Kanye West. After West released Donda months ago, Soulja found that a verse he recorded for Ye was left off of the record. What ensued was a back and forth of sorts where Soulja Boy unleashed his wrath only for Ye to respond by calling Soulja’s verse “trash.” In true Soulja Boy fashion, his responses were scathing.

However, last month, Soulja seeming suggested that he and West were back on good terms, but after seeing a video that he recently shared, Ye may not want to have anything to do with him.

There have been ongoing conversations regarding Kanye West’s methods of winning over Kim Kardashian while berating Pete Davidson in recent weeks. The world has watched as West has continued to call out Davidson and threaten him while making public pleas to Kim about reuniting their family. Like millions of others, Soulja Boy has had a front-row seat to every post-and-delete.

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In a new video, Soulja tells Ye that Davidson has his woman and suggested that this is what West deserves for the Donda shade.

“Is you gon’ keep posting memes of Marvel versus Capcom? Or you gon’ lay the smackdown? That’s what the f*ck you get n*gga,” he said. “N*gga tried to play me. N*gga, you know the f**k I’m is? I’m Big Draco. Now you running around Hollywood, crying like a b*tch. [crying sounds] ‘Help me.’ F*ck you, Kanye!”

Check it out below.