Just a few weeks ago, Stephen A. Smith announced to the world that he had COVID-19. This revelation was made just before Christmas, and since that time, fans had not heard from him. He has been largely absent from First Take and it is quite clear that the virus has had a strong effect on his physical and mental well-being.

With that being said, fans have been worried about Smith as his silence is certainly a rarity. Today, however, Stephen A. broke that silence as there was a very important matter at hand. In fact, it had to do with one of his colleagues at ESPN.

Mina Kimes has become a beloved NFL analyst on the network. Ever since transitioning from business writing to sports commentary, Kimes has proven herself to be one of the most knowledgeable football minds at the network, although her presence doesn’t always make everyone happy. For instance, Kimes received a pretty hurtful fan letter, to which she posted a sarcastic reply to.

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Smith saw the slander being dished out by the hater and decided to make his thoughts known, saying “Ditto! @minakimes makes us all better. She’s phenomenal. Proud to have her on my team any day. Boy, that clown is lucky I’m still out with Covid!”



It remains to be seen when Stephen A. will return from his illness, however, it’s clear he still has a combative attitude, which is great to see.