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Stop negative labelling of female celebrities – Prince David Osei



When it comes to the court of public opinion, actor Prince David Osei says it seems female celebs have it a lot harder than their male counterparts.

They are subjected to much higher moral codes than the males and they are crucified for missteps that the ordinary person on the streets may get away with.

Perhaps their role model status is the reason why the public is tough on them but as a friend to most of these female celebs and with insider information about their daily struggles, Prince David Osei, has described as unfortunate the sometimes deliberate campaign to smear the characters of the ladies.

Speaking with Showbiz about his expectations for the New Year, the ‘About to Wed’ actor said his desire was to see a stop to the negative labelling of female celebs this year.

David Osei said it was very unfortunate to read and hear denigrating comments about ladies in the limelight.

“Sincerely, one of my greatest wish this year is that I don’t get to read and hear very demeaning comments about my sisters. I don’t even know why they are judged for what they do when it is within the demands of their job.


“Some of them have negative tags because of some roles they played in the past.

“It is as if fame should be a curse for females. We live in a society where we hail the likes of Beyonce even when they perform almost nude but will be quick to describe ours as whores even when they are more covered. Is that not hypocrisy? “, he queried.

David Osei argued that female celebs, just like other ladies in other professions, were prone to mistakes so people should not be quick to judge them because they are in the limelight.

“Let me tell you this, most of these corporate ladies, including those in the banks, do worse things than what our female celebrities are always judged for but because they are popular figures, everyone thinks he/she should have a say in their lives.

“Which is fine but sometimes while criticising them, we must also take a second look at our lives to know if we are any better. If we could do these things, we would know that we aren’t saints after all,” David Osei said.

The father of one also encouraged the men in the lives of female celebrities to understand the nature of their job and work schedules.


“Fame is like a magnet and it attracts people and so you must understand that just as you were attracted to her, so will others be because she is a public figure.

“They would want to show her love, care and appreciation for what she does and she can obviously not ignore those who admire her works.

“So if you are a man, you must consider all these things before you make a move but not have her and later frustrate her because other men are giving her attention,” he stated.

The ‘Fortune Island’ actor also encouraged people to live their best lives in this new year.

“My message in the new year is that people must know their level, maintain their level and sustain that level through prayers.

“Again, they must be themselves and not live fake lives so that they can fit into where they will be accepted,” David Osei stated.