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Lily Appiah writes ……………….✍️✍️✍️✍️

On 26/03/23, I honoured Garden City University Tescon program dubbed; “STRATEGECALLY POSITIONING TESCON TO BREAK THE 8″

In my quest to add my voice to the theme, I reiterated that the new dawn has come for the youth to make use to expand their communication as well as propagating their numerous ideas to the world and that is making good use of the Social Media. Social media has replaced our old system of communication, sharing and disseminating our ideas to the world. I made it known to them, it’s high old time for any member of the TESCON to make use of the social media and spread all the works of the party.

Secondly, it’s high time for the youth especially TESCON members to make themselves vibrant for Leadership positions and be able to witness their effort. Most people run away from Leadership positions especially our women and some of the gentlemen we have. Why do they run? Because some of them fail to invest themselves by serving and learning in any forms whether upgrading, reading leadership books and attending seminars. I made them understand that they should make themselves available for chances that are bountifully available in the ranks and file of the party to make themselves vibrant in the party.


Also, as TESCON members and most needed wing in the party, it’s on you to start getting closer to the Leadership of the party by learning from them. You should know that you are the base of the party because you will take over from the leadership to steer the affairs of the party in the generation ahead. So it’s a must for you to get closer to the Leadership from polling station executives to the National front to be able to learn from them.

Moreover, one of the questions that always outweighs my heart whenever I meet my vibrant youth to speak with and share my thoughts is that; After TESCON what Next? Because we have seen most people who were members and leaders in our institutions but fail to take their leadership to the next level. For your hard work at this level to be recognized and appreciated, then you must not leave your involvement in the party works and ensure that you involve yourselves in your various constituencies activities in order not to end there.

Aside this, there’s one uniqueness about NPP that no political party can take away from us and that is the party ability to recognize and include the youth in their decisions making and so, be involved and hope for the best.

Finally, I hinted one of the cankers that is eating our youths in the party is that, as youth, don’t be blind campaigners but rather let the foresight of the aspirant leads you.