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T.I. Explodes On Comedian Who Brought Up Sexual Assault Allegations, She Responds

T.I. Explodes On Comedian Who Brought Up Sexual Assault Allegations, She Responds 1
ATLANTA, GEORGIA – DECEMBER 21: Rapper T.I. attends Harris Community Works Holiday Caravan at DTLR on December 21, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

A comedy show in Atlanta went all the way left and in a viral video, T.I. interrupts the scene and goes off.

A lot has been said about comedians within the past week following the Oscars debacle, but Chris Rock isn’t the only funnyman running into issues over a joke. Just as we all have taken a collective breath as news about Will Smith’s impulsive actions have simmered down, T.I. has become a trending topic after a confrontation during a comedy show has gone viral.

In a video shared online, it looked as if a show in Atlanta was interrupted by T.I. after the rapper grew upset over a comedian cracking jokes about the sexual assault allegations against him and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris. We’ve previously reported on T.I. tackling a new comedy career.

“There was no f*cking crime. It is nothing to charge me for,” T.I. said before the comedian chimed him. He didn’t let her speak. “Shut the f*ck up for a second. Listen, no, no, no. As many times as you done talked on that sh*t, n*gga, I’m gon’ check yo’ motherf*ckin’ ass as long as it takes. When you stop talkin’ about it, when you stop playin’ with me and mine, I’ma stop sayin’ something.”

“Ain’t no motherf*ckin’ case, ain’t gon’ be no motherf*ckin’ case, ’cause I ain’t did nothing wrong and my wife ain’t did nothin’ wrong. And if you keep on playin’ with me, n*gga, I’m gon’ motherf*ckin’ continue to confront you publicly, verbally.” The comedian attempted to play it off and say that T.I. was innocent while also telling him that this isn’t a Rap battle.

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If things weren’t already tense, T.I. then took to the stage to give the comedian a hug as she was speaking into the microphone, but his real mission was to snatch the mic away from her. Once T.I. exited the stage, she snatched up her mic and told the crowd that when it comes to comedy, anything is up for grabs and she won’t be told what to do during her own show. T.I. returned to sit on the front of the stage while facing the crowd and reacting to everything she was speaking on.

Later, the comedian said that it was T.I. who launched the controversy after he decided to heckle her from the audience. She stated that he performed a 45-minute set that night and alleged that the rapper called her a “b*tch,” talked about her wig, and so, she retaliated. She claimed that after he was being disrespectful, she told him, “I’ll take my wig off once you speak on the allegations,” and that is what set him off.

The altercation has been a hot topic all day. Check it out below.


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