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Rihanna Enters The Skin Care Racket After Trademarking “Fenty Skin”

Rihanna expands her Fenty brand into yet another consumer market. Rihanna is one step closer to etching her name on every stone in the beautification industry. As Childish Gambino was busy premiering their co-feature Guava Island, Rihanna was off the races figuring out the details for the “Fenty Skin” trademark she filed on March 25th.I shouldn’t …

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Cardi B Slams Critics After Trademarking Okurrr: “White Folks Do It All The Time!”

Cardi B takes aim at everybody critiquing her for going to trademark “Okurrr.” Ever since she blew up, we’ve been hearing Cardi B run around town, screaming her catchphrase from every rooftop she can climb onto. She’s starred in commercials and has been asked by countless late-night hosts to utter her personal …

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