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The Game Calls Out Hollywood For Trying To Cancel Will Smith: “This Was A Lul Ass Slap”

The Game Calls Out Hollywood For Trying To Cancel Will Smith: "This Was A Lul Ass Slap" 1

The rapper condemned violence & spoke about Hollywood not asking Alec Baldwin, Roman Polanski, or Harvey Weinstein to return any accolades following their controversies.

His takes have often caused a buzz in Hip Hop and The Game is offering a few thoughts about the slap that remains a hot topic. We know, there has been an abundance of reports regarding Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars following a joke made about Jada Pinkett Smith. Headlines related to the incident were intensified today after Academy Awards host Wanda Sykes spoke about being “traumatized” by the altercation, and the Oscars committee came forward with a statement about possible disciplinary actions against Smith.

Over on Instagram, The Game posted a screenshot of a Hollywood Unlocked report on Smith possibly losing his Best Actor award, and he penned a lengthy caption offering a differing perspective. According to Game, the Academy never wanted to award Smith to begin with and added, “He acted off impulse & imposed a slap down out of frustration & embarrassment on behalf of his wife.”

“Most people with opinions on the situation don’t have a committed relationship let alone a marriage of over 20 years to weigh against his feelings in the matter. He’s human & comedy is not always an excuse to publicly humiliate people especially while sitting front & center, Game continued. He condemned acting violently but stated, “This was a lul ass slap in defense of a woman battling a very delicate health issue.”

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He then compared the issue to Alec Baldwin shooting and killing filmmaker Halyna Hutchins on set, as well as other scandalous Hollywood figures. Baldwin has come forward to also speak out against Smith’s actions.

“This fool Alec Baldwin took a woman’s life on set & got sympathy from the same Hollywood that is trying to condemn one of our greatest actors in history. It just so happens that he’s black !!!! Harvey Weinstein didn’t have to forfeit any accolades or awards & Roman Polanski was guilty of having sex with a minor & then vanished, became a fugitive & was still given an award. un-related to Hollywood but still an example of white privilege, Kyle whatever tf his name is killed people purposely & didn’t get a single day in prison… but y’all investigating a pimp slap.”

The Game ended his post by tagging Smith. Read through the entirety of the message below.


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