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The Game’s Eminem Diss Track Roasted By Fans On Twitter

The Game's Eminem Diss Track Roasted By Fans On Twitter 1


The Game’s new diss track is being panned by online critics.

The Game is a legendary artist in his own right, although. over the years, he has gotten himself into some trouble with his bars. He is an artist who has no issues with offending people, but sometimes, he goes so far over the top that fans don’t really know how to support it. This has led to lots of online criticism over the last few years, and when he announced a 10-minute Eminem diss track, you can be sure that fans were chomping at the bit to let their feelings be heard.

In the end, The Game’s new diss track felt more like a tribute than anything else. The Game claimed that Em has no impact on the culture and that he will never be a legend like the Biggies and Pacs of the world. He does this while mimicking Em’s most famous flows, which ends up contradicting The Game’s entire point.

“You depressed, you just maskin’ it/You pop an Adderall, a Vicodin and an Aspirin/But the math wasn’t mathin’ in,” The Game raps on the song. “So pass me the torch ’cause the torture in my mind/With the voice that define rhymes, were forced to blind eye/Done see the owls in a white Rolls Royce with five .9’s/When you was pretendin’ to be the white Royce da 5’9″.”

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There are plenty of other disrespectful bars here, especially as The Game takes a swipe at none other than Eminem’s daughter, Hailie. These cheap shots are seemingly coming out of nowhere, and fans are not impressed with the direction The Game has gone in.

As you can see in the various comments below, Twitter users had mostly negative reviews for the track. One fan even said “The Game claimed he Never bumped Eminem’s albums only for him to mention Eminem’s whole life and use his flow as a supposed diss track then titled it – THE BLACK SLIM SHADY. Bro that’s a tribute to Em.” Another person said “How is it that Eminem is the one that got ‘dissed’ by The Game for ten minutes yet I’m the one sat here feeling disrespected bc I actually wasted my time listening to this?”

Let us know what you think of the brand-new diss track, in the comments section down below.


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