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They want ‘sensible songs’, so I gave them ‘Sika Wo Borlar So’ – Patapaa


Patapaa Amisty says he wrote his new single, ‘Sika Wo Borlar So’ for critics, who say all his songs are ‘trash’. He hopes they find sense in his new single.

Speaking in an interview on 3FM Drive with Giovani Caleb, Patapaa said this new song is full of wisdom. According to him, people said his songs doesn’t make sense which troubles him.

He said, “They said I don’t make sensible music. When they say that, I get disturbed. Because, in Ghana, I don’t know where the stupid people are. I don’t know where you can find stupid people and the place where wise people are. So I want the wise people who said I should make sensible songs to go through this song. To know that I sing sensible songs.” He further explained that he knows where mad people are kept, but he doesn’t know where the wise ones who keep saying Patapaa plays stupid songs are.

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According to Patapaa, ‘Sika Wo Borlar So’ talks about people and money. But talking about money doesn’t necessarily mean you have money. He said some people have become wealthy from menial jobs, but because they still do the same work, you might think that they are poor. But someone who looks rich might actually be living a fake life on borrowed funds.

Source: 3news.com

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