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‘This behavior is so unhinged’: Raven Symone comes under fire after ‘mean and petty’ video mocking Amber Heard’s abuse claims resurfaces



Raven Symone has been branded ‘mean and petty’ after a video she made mocking Amber Heard resurfaced.

The clip was filmed in April 2021, a year after Johnny Depp lost his long-running ‘wife beater’ libel battle with ex-wife Amber and The Sun newspaper.

In the video, Raven, 37, and her wife Miranda Maday realise that they’ve parked next to Amber and think of ways to get her attention while mocking reports of her abusive relationship with Johnny.

The That’s So Raven star laughs as she quips: ‘Cut my finger off and see if she’ll claim it,’ referring to Johnny’s accusation that Amber severed his finger by hurling a bottle of vodka at him.

Elsewhere in the clip, Raven noted that Amber is in distress, gasping ‘Oh my god she’s crying!’ as Miranda joked that she’s ‘probably on the phone with her lawyer.’


Raven also mocked the actress’ then-girlfriend Bianca Butti in the video, saying: ‘There’s Amber and her lesbian lover… oh my god. She looks like Johnny Depp!’

After initially attempting not to be seen by the actress, Raven then decided to run out and snap a selfie with the Aquaman star.

Back in the vehicle, Miranda revealed: ‘She gets out of the car, takes a picture with Raven and closes her door.

‘As soon as Raven walks away, she goes back to her car and her car is locked, with her phone inside, her purse inside, the snacks that she was nibbling on, and her jacket.


‘I watched this woman try to keep it cool and just try and act like she meant to get out of her car and close the door, turn around and then she’s just like there, locked out of her car.’

Raven then quipped: ‘Can’t go anywhere! I was like, “Babes, unplug the car, we gotta go!” [Amber] doesn’t know who I am, so everything’s good.

‘But Amber, I’m so sorry you got locked out of your car, but my picture’s amazing. Thanks, Amber!’

While it has been two years since the video was posted, the clip began to go viral again after shocked fans shared it on Twitter.

They said of the clip: ‘Even if you’re not a Amber Heard fan or supporter. She’s still a human being. The way Raven and folks like her are treating Amber is just vile. Like Amber didn’t do anything to them. And they don’t know her enough to justify their actions towards her.’;


‘Every time I see this video of Raven mocking Amber Heard, it baffles me how she’s saying ‘lesbian lover’ in a very shady and homophobic voice. Gurl, aren’t u a lesbian too? She seems very unhappy with herself or hates herself even’;

‘This behavior is so unhinged. You see someone in a phone call and crying, while making fun of her, then take a photo with her to further mock her.’; Despite being in distress, Amber Heard still took a photo with this weirdo. Raven Symone, are you not ashamed of yourself?!’;

‘This is gross but I’m not going to forget how not even a year ago most of you on this hellsite were just as cruel and dehumanizing to Amber Heard as Raven is right now.’; ‘I saw a video of Raven mocking Amber Heard for literally no reason other than to be mean and petty earlier today.;

‘Raven Symone really thinks she’s Regina George ‘I made fun of her then took a pic with her’ woof that’s some mad 16 year old behaviour lol and that’s an insult to 16 year olds.’

MailOnline has contacted Raven and Amber’s representatives for comment.


Amber and Johnny have been locked in a bitter legal battle on both sides of the Atlantic over the last six years after Amber alleged she was a victim of domestic violence during their 15-month marriage.

A courtroom in London found in her favour, but a second case in Fairfax, Virginia, this year came out on Depp’s side.

The actress, 36, was ordered to pay $10million in compensatory damages and $5million (later reduced to $365,000) in punitive damages following the six-week case, while Depp, 59, was told to give her $2million by the same courtroom after Heard countersued for defamation.

The pair’s legal teams have been locked in discussions to avoid the pain of a bruising third trial after Heard filed an appeal.

A deal was finally made last month when they settled their defamation claims against each other.