Tom Brady Reportedly Lost 15 Lbs Following His Divorce With Gisele Bündchen
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Tom Brady reportedly lost 15 lbs following his divorce with Gisele Bündchen

Tom Brady reportedly lost 15 lbs following his divorce with Gisele Bündchen 1

Tom Brady reportedly lost 15 pounds amid his divorce from his wife of 13 years, Gisele Bündchen.

The 45-year-old Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback dropped the weight this season after playing in the NFL for the past 23 years.

Known for abiding by his very strict diet routine called the ‘TB12 Method’, Brady dropped to 210 pounds, revealed ESPN NFL reporter Jeff Darlington.

Brady’s body transformation was evident after he lost season amid marital strife which led to his divorce in October 2022.

“Brady also knows his own mental focus was gone for a bulk of the season,” Darlington reported on January 26, 2023. “His physical stature, faced with 15 lbs. of weight loss, was also in peril. He felt at times like his preseason anguish ended his chances at success before the regular season had even started.”

Despite not addressing his changing appearance himself, fans have certainly taken notice.

“Tom Brady looks too skinny. I hope he is ok,” wrote one fan.

“Tom Brady does NOT look healthy…like at all! He looks ‘sickly’ skinny, to the point of concern. #NFL #SNF,” one person tweeted in September 2022.

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In February, Brady announced he was retiring from the NFL. His decision proved short lived, and just weeks later the seven-time Super Bowl champion changed his mind and returned for his 23rd NFL season.

In September, 2022, sources told Page Six the quarterback and supermodel were living apart after getting into an “epic fight” over his choice to go back. And in October 28, 2022, Gisele filed a petition for divorce.

According to the People, a source said in November 2022, that “it was not Tom’s idea” to get a divorce.

Brady, 45, “wanted to do whatever he needed to do to fix things” with Bündchen, 42 because he “didn’t want the divorce and he didn’t want the marriage to end.”

The source also added that Brady was “willing to go to therapy, marriage counselling — whatever it took to make things work.” He reportedly “didn’t want the kids to have divorced parents; he wanted to work this out.”

However, the Brazilian model felt “it was a little bit too little, too late.” The insider shared, “She gave him a lot of opportunities to fix things, and he didn’t.”


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