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Tom Hanks Jokes About Why He Loves Crashing Fans’ Weddings: ‘It’s My Ego, Unchecked’

Tom Hanks stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to recall all the weddings he’s crashed over the years

Tom Hanks Jokes About Why He Loves Crashing Fans' Weddings: 'It's My Ego, Unchecked' 1
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Tom Hanks Photobombs a Pittsburgh Bride’s Wedding Photos
Pittsburgh bride Grace Gwaltney was taking pre-wedding photos with her bridesmaids outside the Fairmont Hotel, on Saturday March 19th when a man wearing a hat and sunglasses jogged straight to the bride. He introduced himself as Tom Hanks, and asked photographer Rachel Roland if she would please take a picture of him with the bride.
“We all started screaming, like to total teenage girl screaming,” says Roland, 35.
Hanks was in town shooting “A Man Called Otto.” Roland noticed Hanks wife, Rita Wilson, standing nearby and the bridal party cajoled her to jump into some photos too.

Tom Hanks has made a hobby out of photobombing fans’ weddings in recent years — and the actor is revealing why he loves to do it!

“It’s my ego, unchecked,” Hanks joked to Seth Meyers on Tuesday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, when asked why he’s become the celebrity who shows up at weddings “invited or not.”

Added Hanks, “I just can’t help but think ‘What would these people like more than anything else to remember this magic day of days? Oh I know, me!'”

The Elvis actor last surprised a Pittsburgh bride in March as he joined the bridal party for photos outside a hotel in downtown Pittsburgh as they were getting ready to leave for the ceremony.

At the time, the bride, Grace Gwaltney, revealed she was shocked to see the Oscar winner, 65.

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“He was like, ‘Hey! I’m Tom Hanks. I would love to get a photo with you’ and I immediately froze and was just looking around,” she told KCRA. “I didn’t know what to do.”

Last October, Hanks also made headlines after he posed for photos with Diciembre and Tashia Farries, who tied the knot on the beach by Santa Monica Pier in California.

“We see a guy walking through the crowd and initially I’m like, ‘Who’s this guy getting in our pictures?'” Tashia told PEOPLE at the time. “And we hear everyone like, ‘Wait, is that Tom Hanks?'”

The next thing the newlyweds knew, Hanks pulled his hat off and started chatting with them. “Immediately he treated us like family,” Tashia added.

Meyers also had Hanks address an early instance of wedding crashing while the actor was shooting 2009’s Angels and Demons in Rome. As the actor recalled, the filming crew wasn’t aware a wedding party had booked the Pantheon on the same day.

“This limousine pulled up, and it was the bride and the groom trying to ‘get me to the church on time,'” Hanks recalled. “And they couldn’t do it because we had all this stuff going on. It was like ‘Uh, how do we fix this?’ So, like a stalker — you know, ‘Hey miss, miss, miss!’ — I knocked on the window, I said ‘Hey listen, we have a thing, but would you do me the honor of escorting you to your bridal altar?’ So we did it!”

Elvis, which stars Hanks and Austin Butler as the iconic rock ‘n roller, opens in theaters Friday.


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