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Tony Yayo Raps 50 Cent’s First Verse



Tony Yayo Raps 50 Cent’s First Verse 3

Tony Yayo rapped 50 Cent’s first rhyme in a recent interview with VladTV. Even though it was years and years ago, Yayo still remembered much of his first impression of Fif. Moreover, they also talked about the relationship between hustling and making music, and how 50 moved in both lanes.

“You actually remember 50 Cent’s first rhyme,” DJ Vlad asked. When the Queens rapper confirmed so, Vlad asked, “Can you spit it?”

“Yeah, it was in my man’s… basement, Rest In Peace,” the rapper began. “It was ‘The cell went stale, quarter mil’ bail, fresh out the jail, s**t is really real. N***as is locked up, man, I pray they don’t tell. A hundred man indictment, my lawyer got to fight this. N***as know I ain’t never pressed for dough. N***as know I don’t serve nobody I don’t know.

“‘Son said he was from O.T., sold ‘leven at O.Z.,’” he continued rapping. “‘His man brought him to me, but he ain’t really know B. Said it was time, dude was a cop, he was just trying to pop to put the new beams on the drop.’ That’s all I remember. But that rhyme to me was like, that’s when I was like, “Nah.” He had other s**t, but that was in my man’s basement… and I was just like ‘Yo, this n***a’s getting better by the minute.”


Furthermore, Yayo explained how 50 didn’t really start out wanting to be a rapper. Moreover, he spoke on how the Queens mogul used to hang with them when they were still hustling. In fact, he had an interesting observation on how nobody sets out to be a rapper.

“I don’t think nobody sets out to be a rapper,” he stated. “This is why I said rap is a blessing, ’cause it feeds a lot of families and a lot of kids. It helps a lot of people down, from security to assistance to the guy that holds the camera, the guy that holds the microphone, everything. We never planned out to be rappers, we just got lucky. It was in God’s plan.”

Still, what do you think of Tony Yayo’s comments and 50 Cent’s first rhymes and verse? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments down below.