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Tory Lanez Won’t Take The Stand In Megan Thee Stallion Trial



Tory Lanez Won’t Take The Stand In Megan Thee Stallion Trial 3

Tory Lanez will not be taking the stand to testify in his ongoing felony assault trial against Megan Thee Stallion.

LA Times reporter James Queally revealed the news on Wednesday morning (December 21), just before closing arguments in the trial commenced.

“Tory Lanez will not take the stand. Both sides have rested and the jury was given instructions this morning,” Queally wrote on Twitter. “Closing arguments will begin this afternoon at 130pm.”

He also added that Tory’s driver, who was present that fateful night, will not testify either because it could delay proceedings.

“Jaquan Smith, Tory’s driver, was present and on defense witness list but prosecutors asked for a continuance past the Christmas break if he was to testify, per defense attorney George Mgdesyan,” his tweet read. “At his clients request not to delay proceedings, Mgdesyan declined to call him.”

The update comes following news that Tory’s music could have been used in the trial if he had been called to take the stand. Law & Crime writer Meghann Cuniff reported that Judge Herriford declared Tory’s discography “fair game,” with District Attorney Alexander Bott naming the singer/rapper’s video “CAP” as potential evidence.

In the video, Tory is seen “butchering horse feet, clearly directed at Megan.”

Earlier this week, forensic scientist Marc Scott Taylor told the court that Tory Lanez’s DNA was not found on the magazine of the gun used in the alleged shooting, and that tests done on the DNA found on the gun itself were inconclusive.

Additionally, a witness named Sean Kelly testified on Tuesday (December 20) that he saw the entire confrontation from his bedroom window. Kelly said he saw a “violent” fight breakout between two women before an “angry male” entered the mix, and that he believes he saw a woman shoot the first shot while Tory was still exiting the vehicle.

Tory Lanez faces three charges related to the alleged shooting: felony assault with a semiautomatic firearm, possession of a concealed, unregistered firearm and discharging a firearm with gross negligence. He’s pleaded not guilty to all three.


If convicted, he faces a maximum of 22 years and eight months in prison, as well as deportation to Canada.