Travis Barker’s Daughter Alabama Goes Viral For New Video
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Travis Barker’s Daughter Alabama Goes Viral For New Video

Travis Barker’s Daughter Alabama Goes Viral For New Video 1

Alabama Barker, daughter of pop-punk star Travis Barker, is going viral on social media for a new video shared to TikTok. While this might be the first time some hear of her, others remember when she was much younger. Still, her clip did cause some discussion online.

Moreover, a lot of the meat of the Twitter threads came down to the fact that she’s 17 years old. Though the video clip is just her dancing with her friends, a lot of people found it too suggestive. Regardless, one user tweeted “No one ever said Alabama Barker was ‘ugly.’” Furthermore, they added, “We said she’s only 17 and too young to dress & behave the way she does. Cause she is.”

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Furthermore, some were struck by how people were misidentifying her race or debating about it on social media. Still, some people had the record straight. Overall, there were tweets like “You telling me alabama barker looks biracial and expect me to take you seriously.”

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“I want black women to stop being a halfway house for yt teenage girls when they can’t figure themselves out yet,” another added. “Alabama Barker is a prime example. Her family whiter than ranch dressing. Stop it lol.”

However, this isn’t the only time that Alabama Barker’s been somewhat called out online (because this is just a video, after all). Moreover, Iggy Azalea said that she and other TikTokers were “weird” for participating in a viral trend of her experiences. Furthermore, audio of the rapper airing out her frustrations with her ex Playboi Carti made rounds on TikTok.

Still, what do you think of Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama going viral for her recent TikTok video? However you may feel, let us know in the comments and peep some more reactions below.


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