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Trevor Noah postpones this year stand up shows for his vocal chord rehab

Trevor Noah announced on social media to his fans that he will be going on a break for a while tilll he gets his voice healed.

The comedian has being from country to country hosting shows and also projecting his talents in his shows. He hosted the just concluded Global Citizen Festival and before that event, he had a comedy show which was also a hit for him.

So for him to get better and to get his voice back, he’s being advised by his Doctor to take a rest. Therefore, he announced that all stand up shows this year has being postponed. He added that he hate cancelling shows, however, he’s left with no choice.

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“I thought that my vocal cords were healed but according to the doctor, flying 36 hours and hosting a giant concert in South Africa didn’t help me. So now if I want to get better I have to take it seriously so that I can perform at 100% on my new tour next year. I hate cancelling shows but I also hate the idea of losing my voice forever so I’m postponing all this year’s stand up shows and working hard on rehabbing the voice.” Trevor said.

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