A Ukrainian rapper living in Russia is dead at 30-years-old in what’s being described in national media as a “perfect murder.” According to The Sun, law enforcement is accusing rapper Andy Cartwright’s 37-year-old wife, Marina Kokhal, of murdering and dismembering Cartwright’s body before feeding the remains to rats.

Kokhal admitted to dismembering her husband, though she insisted that she didn’t murder him. She said that he died from an overdose, explaining that she chopped up his body so his fans wouldn’t know that he died of an “inglorious death.” She told prosecutors that she intended to file a missing person report.

Cartwright’s death came after Kokhal discovered that he was having an affair with a fan but police stated they haven’t found any evidence suggesting that she was responsible for his death. However, the latest reports from forensic investigations state that Cartwright may have been alive at the time he was dismembered, contrary to Kokhal’s claims, and died from oxygen starvation. The report states that Cartwright’s body was dismembered “shortly – a few minutes, dozens of minutes – before death.” Sources said Cartwright was in a “pronounced hypoxia” at the time of his death.

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Police said that Cartwright’s dismembered body parts were scattered nearby. It’s reported that some were found in the fridge, bin liners outside, while Cartwright’s fingertips were allegedly fed to rats in the yard. Forensic experts said that eight key body parts weren’t made available to them, including his stomach and intestines. The eight body parts were reported either missing or were put in a washing machine. Police also said that there wasn’t a “drop of blood” found in the remaining body parts that were discovered.

Kokhal remains under investigation as officials continue the investigation.