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We’ll settle in court, Bullgod pursues Appietus for ‘stolen’ money



We'll settle in court, Bullgod pursues Appietus for ‘stolen’ money 3

According to Bullgod, he will not allow Appietus to feed off his labor for free, adding that his team fully backs his actions and he is also willing to go all out to retrieve his money from Appietus.

Papi of 5Five music group, a few weeks ago, accused beatmaker Appietus of uploading their music online and pocketing the revenue without the consent of 5Five or Bullhause.

Bullgod at the time the songs in contention were recorded, jumped in to confirm Papi’s allegations while demanding his share from the beatmaker.

According to him, in Appietus’s books of accounting after auditing the records, found some discrepancies in about two or three-year periods.

“One store, as in Spotify, the song is almost a million streams that tabulate into between $4,000 and $5,000 and there are over thirty stores,” Bullgod laments.

He intends to retrieve his money plus accumulated interest from Appietus, for he has been ‘enjoying’ for about 10 years.


He added that he has exhausted all avenues to solve the issue amicably, saying that going to court is the only way.

“We will go to court because, at this point, there’s nothing left to settle. That relationship was curtailed when he started going off-script

“At this point, I’ve not spoken to him again, and I don’t think I will call him again because the last time we tried to have a conversation publicly, he hurled insults at me.”

This issue has been on my table since last year June 29, he said.