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‘Who wants to buy Kidney?’ – Beautiful lady asks as she prepares to end her poverty by selling her kidney

A beautiful lady has taken to social media to ask who wants to purchase her kidney mainly because she plans to end her poverty.

The beautiful dark melanin girl using the name ‘@SnrMannie’ is desperately searching for a buyer who could at least purchase her kidney with a reasonable amount of money.

The act of selling one’s kidney for money isn’t a new thing to the world.

Many people have already been victims to such business and attested to cashing out huge sums of money from the life-threatening move.

In the United States, such sales are illegal under the National Organ Transplant Act. Encouraging “donation” of one’s kidney by offering any sort of payment is also illegal.

Most people do not experience health problems as a result of selling their kidneys. A large study of the long-term effects of kidney donation had good news for people who donate kidneys.

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Doctors reported that living kidney donors can expect to live full, healthy lives. Donors had very few long-term health problems, in most cases.

Is donating a kidney painful?

Most kidney donors recover in the hospital for 2 to 5 days before they head home. You’ll probably still have some discomfort for the next week or two, but you’ll get a prescription for pain medication to keep you comfortable.

Full recovery takes time. You should expect to lay low for at least a month after you donate.

Can you live without a kidney?

People may be born with just one kidney, or have one removed after injury or for a donation. In general, people with one kidney have few or no health problems, and have a normal life expectancy, according to the National Kidney Foundation.

Technically, people can live with no kidneys, but require dialysis.

Notwithstanding, the sales of human kidneys shouldn’t be encouraged.

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