The Miami Dolphins invited legendary actor Will Smith to participate in a workout with the team on Thursday. In a viral clip posted on his Instagram, the Academy Award-nominated actor lets a fart fly while attempting to loosen up his muscles.

“Training with the Miami Dolphins was going great… Until that morning coffee snuck up on me,” Smith says in the video.

After the trainer tells him to relax to his muscles, Smith takes the instruction a little too seriously.

“Sorry about this … excuse me,” he said, after letting it go. “You guys have showers in here?”

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A handful of celebrities popped up in the comments section including Michael Bay.

“We would of cut that out -young movie crews like to show authentic.!!” wrote Bay. “That’s why I love you Will you keep it real.”

Smith also shared a video of himself meeting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

“I’m not saying me training with @tuaman has anything to do with @miamidolphins 6 game winning streak but I’m just sayinnnnn,” Smith captioned the clip.

Check out Smith’s workout with the Dolphins below as well as his run-in with Tagovailoa.