Woman Known As "Little Devil" Convicted Of Murder For Luring Men To An MS-13 Ambush
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Woman Known as “Little Devil” Convicted of Murder for Luring Men to an MS-13 Ambush

Woman Known as "Little Devil" Convicted of Murder for Luring Men to an MS-13 Ambush 1


A 22-year-old woman named Leniz Escobar has been convicted for her role in the deaths of four men at the hands of the notorious MS-13 gang. Escobar’s affiliation with the street gang earned her the infamous moniker of “Little Devil.” She certainly lived up to the nickname back on April 11, 2017, when she knowingly led a group of men (Michael Lopez, Justin Llivicura, Jorge Tigre, Jefferson Villalobos, and a fifth victim) on an escapade to smoke weed in a woodland area in New York, where they would be ambushed in a horrific fashion.

After Escobar led the group of men into the woods, they were bombarded by members of MS-13 who proceeded to slice them up with knives, machetes, and axes until they all met the same fatality. According to reports, “Little Devil” licked the victim’s blood off of her lips after she watched them all die. The motive behind the carnage stems from a series of social media posts in which the victims were seen throwing up MS-13 gang signs even though none of them were actually affiliated with the gang. Although four men were murdered on the scene, a fifth member of the group managed to narrowly escape and he went on to testify to a jury in court about what he witnessed.

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At the time of the occurrence, Escobar was only 17 years old. She may have gotten away with this brutal instance of predetermined manslaughter had it not been for her accomplice, Keyli Gomez. Upon an investigation and an arrest, the feds got her to flip on Escobar which ultimately led to her detainment for murder and racketeering. Although Gomez was a juvenile at the time of her arrest, U.S. District Judge Joseph Bianco approved prosecutors’ request to try her as an adult one year later.

“The seriousness of the alleged offenses cannot be overstated,” Bianco wrote. “The defendant is charged with four premeditated and brutal murders carried out for the MS-13. The government alleges that she instigated the murders by showing pictures of some of the victims flashing MS-13 signs to MS-13 members, knowing that their punishment would be violent deaths.”

On the five-year anniversary of the brutal killings, Escobar was charged in federal court in Central Islip. The court needed just 16 minutes to find “Little Devil” guilty on all counts. She faces up to life in prison at her upcoming sentencing trial, which is scheduled for September 14th.

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Source: NY Post

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