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Woman tattoos ‘HIV+’ on her [email protected] to keep Men Off

A white lady believed to be an American has shared with friends on social media her HIV status.

The woman identified on Twitter as Kathie K has revealed in a post she made on her Twitter account that she is HIV positive.

Announcing her health status, she shared a photo of herself in a Tattoo lab as he was tattooed the ‘HIV+’ on her lower abdomen.

Hinting why she towed that direction, Kathie intimated that she has no point hiding her status thus it is meant to keep men who want to go into her pants to know her status before chopping the tonga.

According to her, she means to suggest that she is doing men a big favor since the man will know what he is going for and per her status it is up to the men to decide whether to go in or stay away.


“Fuck it might as well get a tattoo now since I have the shit… recently found out I’m hiv positive sorry to everyone affected by this”

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Source : adepanews.com


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