Finally, Ye has provided another update to his latest studio album, Donda 2. According to multiple reports, the album has been updated with a new verse from Fivio Foreign on “We Did It Kid,” which also features Migos and Baby Keem. It remains unclear if any other songs have been altered.

The ever-changing album experience is taking place exclusively on Stem Player, Ye’s $200 device that can isolate stems from any songs, as the rest of the world waits for Donda 2 to be released on streaming services. Those that have purchased the Stem Player will be treated to a surprise this week as a new version of “We Did It Kid” is reportedly available, now featuring Fivio Foreign.

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Snippets of his verse have been previewed on social media but this has, unfortunately, not restored people’s faith in this album. It seems as though the Stem Player experiment may have been successful with regards to Ye’s financial gain but on most other fronts, people are complaining that the album release has been largely forgotten about since it remains inaccessible to the general public. With the new version of “We Did It Kid” officially live, do you think people will change their minds about the album?

Listen to a preview of Fivio’s verse below;