Justin Johnson, one of the men accused of shooting and killing Memphis rapper Young Dolph last year, was reportedly attacked in jail last week. According to the suspect’s lawyer, he was on the phone in the jail’s visitation area when a fellow inmate snuck up on him and punched him.

Johnson, who is also known by his rap name Straight Drop, is presently in custody on first-degree murder charges among other accusations. He was reportedly attacked on Friday (March 18) while on a call in one of the jail’s common areas when he got punched by another inmate. Thus far, a motive has not been determined and Johnson was not severely injured. However, because of his suspected role in the murder of one of Memphis’ heroes, it’s possible that somebody was familiar with his alleged crime and decided to throw a sucker punch.

Previously, it was reported that Johnson filmed a music video at the same location where the getaway car, which was used in Young Dolph’s shooting, was located. He has maintained his innocence and insists that he will be coming home “sooner than you can blink.”

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