As of now, three suspects are being held for the murder of a Memphis legend, Young Dolph. On November 17, 2021, rumours of Dolph’s murder began to flood our timelines, while we collectively held our breath, hoping these rumors would prove to be untrue. Alas, shortly after, photos and video evidence began to pour in, confirming that this was no longer just a rumor, but indeed, a fact.

Dolph’s death has left an immense hole in the hip-hop community, while his fans, friends, and family continue to grieve for him. His life partner, Mia Jaye, did her first interview since Dolph’s passing last night with ABC News Live where she shared what she’s been going through, stating “It’s been extremely difficult, just having to pick up the pieces and to find the strength for my children.” She continued later, “I’m turning this pain into purpose right now. And so I’m very thankful for the community starting the conversation of what can we do to lengthen the lives of Black men in America?”

Meanwhile, each day seems to bring a new update concerning the case. This week we’ve seen three suspects apprehended, with Justin Johnson, Cornelius Smith and Shundale Barnett all behind bars for their role in Dolph’s murder. This morning, TMZ revealed even more information concerning the series of events that led to Dolph’s tragic death.

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According to legal documents, the white Mercedes Benz that was used as the getaway vehicle for Dolph’s killers was carjacked a week prior. The police report that a lady in a white Benz was approached by two men, both armed with “AR-style guns,” who forced her to give up her car– and then, when they had trouble figuring out how to start the car, they chased down the lady once again and forced her back into the vehicle, putting a gun to her head and slamming her in the back of the head, so that she would start the car for the thieves.

The car was used in more than one crime leading up to Dolph’s death, according to these police documents. They also state they dusted the car for fingerprints, which is how they came across one of their suspects, Cornelius Smith.