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Young Money Bars On I-95 Cypher / VIDEO



Bars On i-95 is home of the best rappers on the planet, a right of passage for new and veteran MCs. Preservation of our culture and deeply rooted in the art of story telling. Our mantra is Skills Over Politics, that means Bring Your Pen Game Not Your Name. We as a culture have seen so many rap groups come and go and some of them have became a staple in hip hop. if you were fortunate enough you was there to witness legendary runs from elite rap groups such as the Ruff Ryders, No Limit, Wu Tang, Rocafella, Bad Boys, G Unit, Dipset, LOX, down to the Young Money era with Lil Wayne.

The label has released fourteen US albums that reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart and was responsible for introduces us to mega star MCs like Drake, and Nicki Minaj. With his sight set high Wayne and his longtime partner Mack Maine is back to outdo themselves once again, and we are here to present his new line up of Young Money artists. Tap in for the premiere of Young Money x Bars On I-95 Cypher.